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        Anya Williams, LMT, Therapeutic massage, Equine massage & Bamboo massage

        LMT# 15471, 2007 

I believe in the healing effects of massage.  I feel that contributing massage to the community provides a vital piece of the whole in the circle of wellness.

I provide professional therapeutic massage. I specialize in Neuromuscular therapy and Integrative therapy where working together we focus on relieving pain and increasing range of motion to bring your body back into balance.



       Patty Oliver, Akashic Records Master Practitioner & Intuitive Energy Healer

       Body-Mind-Spirit Healing Arts LLC

       (Located within Columbia Therapeutic Massage)

       51577 Columbia River Hwy, Suite D, Scappoose, OR 97056

       Phone: 503.397.0310 


       Web address:

Patty Oliver is an Energy Healer who specializes in Akashic Records.  She works with clients around the world to assist them in releasing the energetic hold of their karmic past-life choices through in-depth readings and clearings of their Akashic Record. 


Every person has an Akashic Record; it is an energetic “database” or “library” that exists at the 5th Dimension. Your Akashic Record holds every choice that your Soul has made from its moment of origination from Divine Source.  It’s your past-life negative choices (karma) that set up every circumstance you have in your life today. 


If you ever wondered why you are faced with difficulty in your life – and more importantly, how to overcome it – then you will want this transformative experience that Patty delivers!  Being released from your karma will allow you to access all your Soul gifts and empower you to create the life you truly want with joy and abundance!

Patty has been an Energy Healer for almost 10 years.  She is trained and certified in Akashic Records and other deep healing modalities.  She has mentored with top healers, reiki masters, lightworkers and psychics to hone and refine her intuitive energy healing talents. She is located in Portland, Oregon and performs healings and Readings across the globe by phone and Skype.



Linda Jane Becker, Healer


I have worked as a hands on energy healer for over 20 years. I received my Reiki mastership in 2000 and trained in over 25 modalities of healing techniques. In 2009 I wrote a book titled “Living With Soul—The Great Spiritual Revolution” which is available for purchase as a e-book on Amazon for $2.99.

I specialize in restoring the energy body (aura), healing and stabilizing the Chakra system and balancing the physical body. I use crystals and stones to enhance and accelerate each client’s personal evolution. Your Guardian Angels, Guides and Teachers are requested to facilitate your specific healing at each session. 

I work with Divine Light, call upon the assistance of the Archangels and receive messages during the healing that I discuss with the client at the end of each session. 


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