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Medical/Therapeutic massage

What is it? Medically oriented massage is designed to evaluate and help to treat soft tissue injuries. It is generally a prescription from your doctor or chiropractor for a series of visits to work with the prescribed area. It can be effective in assisting to treat conditions such as whiplash, rotator cuff injuries, headaches, post surgery rehabilitation, low back pain, muscle spasms and more. The types of massage used can vary from deep tissue to neuromuscular to trigger point therapy or a combination of them all. Our goal is to decrease pain, improve your range of motion and restore structural balance to your body.

How it works. We take care of billing the claims for motor vehicle accidents, workers’ compensation and medical insurance. We may need some information before your visit, please give us a call so that we can get the process started so you can focus on getting better.

The prices stated on the services menu reflect a discounted rate for payment at the time of service. Insurance is billed at a higher rate as it is done on credit, requires hours of billing, tracking and collecting payment for services and requires well documented chart noting for billing. Please note that there is no guarantee your insurance will cover the services provided, should the claim be denied- financial responsibility belongs to the recipient of the services.

Usual Customary & Reasonable (UCR) Fees calculated for the area:

97124- Massage Therapy $30.00 per unit

97140- Myofascial Therapy, Positional Release Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise, Muscle Energy Techniques, Assisted Stretching $30.00 per unit

97010- Hydrotherapy    $9.50 per unit as allowed
Diagnosis codes are billed in 15 minute units. 

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